BEORGAN Neos Pro 3.0 Ultimate Retro Negative Cut

$92.99 Inc. GST

Introducing the Neos Pro 3.0 Negative Cut Goalkeeper Gloves! These cutting-edge but retro style gloves feature neon colors that pop on the white glove, exuding an elegant and vibrant style on the field. The negative cut provides a snug fit and natural feel, giving goalkeepers maximum comfort and control as they make those crucial saves. Elevate your game and make a statement with Neos Pro 3.0, the choice of serious goalkeepers.

Our black glove designs will be printed with white text and our white glove designs will be printed with black text. The Neos Skin design looks best printed with initials only.

E.g. Surname or Initials


Palm – 4mm German Contact latex with wrap over thumb.

Back hand – BEORGAN  design on new basic latex.