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BEORGAN REWIND is the ultimate goalkeeping glove. Featuring new Breathaprene technology, a fast entry system, and professional contact latex with wrapped thumb. Allowing for maximum ball contact and control. The removable single strap offers an adaptation of support and adjustment required between training and game day.

Our black glove designs will be printed with white text and our white glove designs will be printed with black text. The Neos Skin design looks best printed with initials only.

E.g. Surname or Initials

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Palm – 4mm Professional German Contact Latex with a double wrapped thumb.

Back hand – BEORGAN retro design on our new Breathaprene material with a embossed punch zone. Breathaprene technology provides a lightweight glove with super elastic capabilities, allowing extra airflow and snug fit.

T- ROLL CUT goalkeeper gloves. Allowing for an ultra light and snug fitting glove that maximises the natural feel of the ball.

Size Guide

Please measure from the top of the middle finger to the base of the palm. Allow for an additional 0.5cm if you prefer a loose fit.

Glove Size 5: 16.5cm, Recommended Hand Size: 16-16.5cm (depending on fit preference)
Glove Size 6: 17cm, Recommended Hand Size: 16.5-17cm (depending on fit preference)
Glove Size 7: 17.5cm, Recommended Hand Size: 17-17.5cm (depending on fit preference)
Glove Size 8: 19cm, Recommended Hand Size: 18.5-19cm (depending on fit preference)
Glove Size 9: 19.5cm, Recommended Hand Size: 19-19.5cm (depending on fit preference)
Glove Size 10: 20.5cm, Recommended Hand Size: 20-20.5cm (depending on fit preference)
Glove Size 11: 21cm, Recommended Hand Size: 20.5-21cm (depending on fit preference)