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About BEORGAN Gloves

New Zealand's Premium Goalkeeping Gloves

Beorgan Gloves – Premium Goalkeeping Gloves – New Zealand
Beorgan Gloves – Premium Goalkeeping Gloves – New Zealand
Premium Goalkeeping Gloves


Meet BEORGAN, the newest kid on the proverbial block. A goalkeeper glove company based in the beautiful Canterbury Plains of New Zealand. BEORGAN gloves are created by goalkeepers for goalkeepers.

BEORGAN was founded in 2020 by James – a football crazed fan and goalkeeper of 20 years. Having lived and breathed football in his home country (England), James grew up surrounded by and passionate about all aspects of the game. When he relocated to NZ in 2016, James became increasingly frustrated with the shipping wait of gloves from Europe. Seeing as football was one of the biggest growing sports in NZ and having a limited number of local glove companies lead to the birth of BEORGAN. A brand Kiwi’s could call their own.

James has worked with local goalkeepers to produce professional quality gloves that compliment all skillsets. A goalkeeper’s gloves can make or break a game. Our gloves provide durability, support and ease so that you can face any challenge with confidence and certainty.

Bringing old English to New Zealand, BEORGAN means to guard, protect and defend. Our gloves do just that.

BEORGAN, guarding what is most important.


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